Sandream Enterprises LLC is a leading supplier of unique and special effect pigments with production based in Asia. Its application lab performs color matching, testing, formulation and new product development services. It contracts with third parties for value-added surface treatment, blending, dispersion and commercial production.


At Sandream, we aim to bring innovative concepts and products as well as low cost alternatives to the cosmetic, industrial, printing ink and automotive industries. We work closely with you to invent, formulate and develop new ingredients. Together with our strategic partners and in-house development team, we continuously upgrade our product and service range to provide you a competitive advantage. We believe a long-term and sustainable relationship comes from:


  • Trust and reliability so you can count on us;
  • High quality and low cost;
  • Superior service – being swift, attentive, flexible and open;
  • In-depth knowledge for not just products, but the benefits they can bring to you;
  • World-wide support so you can get immediate access to local inventory and service.